Lawn Care Services

Imperial Lawn Service offers a comprehensive lawn care program designed to provide the right nutrients, in the right quantities at the right time.


Great lawns have great soils underneath them. That’s why it’s so important to do a soil test. A soil test gives an accurate analysis of the basic building blocks found in the soil on your property. By conducting a soil analysis before beginning a lawn care program, we will know exactly what your soil needs to grow a quality lawn.

The main component of our professional lawn care program is fertilization. Turf grass by its nature is fast growing. That means that it quickly uses nutrients and micro-nutrients from the soil during a regular growing season. To maintain your soil’s nutrient level for optimum turf growth, it requires supplements to be added.

Fertilizer is not really a food for grass as many people think. It’s more like a vitamin for people. Turf grass actually makes its own food by transforming sunlight into energy that the grass can use. Soil nutrients help the turf grass process that sunlight and is thus a critical element in the success of your lawn.

Imperial Lawn ‘s Lawn Care Program includes multiple scheduled visits throughout the growing season. We typically use a slow release fertilizer that provides important nutrients and micro-nutrients over a longer period of time. This means there’s no sudden bursts of top-growth that require lots of additional mowing. Instead, our granular fertilizer dissolves into the soil slowly, providing just the right balance of nutrients for strong root development and lush green top-growth.


Weed Control

No one wants weeds in their lawn, especially a thick, healthy growing lawn. In fact, when you have a thick, healthy lawn, you’re much less likely to have weeds. Weeds need sunlight to get started and a thick lawn blocks out that light.

For lawns that aren’t yet as thick as they should be, we can spot control most weeds with each visit. Our technician’s are always on the lookout for new weeds. We will also apply in early spring, a special weed control shield that effectively blocks many weeds such as crabgrass from taking root later in the season.